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Hilwan – Sound, Lights, LED Display

Since 1997 HILWAN or as Koshi Our dear Bahrainis call us ……True believers in the power of sound, lights, and LED Display

Hilwan has been in the forefront and one of the pioneers in providing top of the range products and services in the field of sound, lights and LED Display….appealing in sound, sight and display.

The enchanting and engaging world of sound, vision and light is brought alive by Hilwan and we truly believe in the effect of all the above three senses.

We back up that belief with the imagination, passion and ingenuity of our sound engineers, creative thinkers, tradition breakers and innovative ideas in the Kingdom of Bahrain. All delivered with a professional touch to make your marketing efforts click!

Whether launch of a new product, a family celebration or training programs …… sound, light and LED display can add that magical charm to make your event that much more memorable and effective.

At Hilwan we create a winning combination that creates memories for life by the smart use of sound, light, and LED display to feel more, do more and be more.

Our team can provide you with the guidance needed to help you make the best decision for you or your company. You are at the right place to browse, shop and ask questions.

Rental of Sound, light, LED display, stage and Truss system



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