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Doctor Monther Numan Dental Clinic is one of the quality dentists in Bahrain and was established in the year 2000 in Bahrain to expand the art of dental care to each member in the humanity regardless where is getting treatment, and now provides dental services to thousands of people. We do work hard to provide our patients with quality dental healthcare.

Our Mission

Doctor Monther Numan Dental Clinic and the team passion is to provide the  quality service with  care to patients within least visits frequencies, as gently as possible, in order to achieve excellent oral health which functions for lifetime with natural teeth as much as possible.

Our Philosophy

Due to our belief that no one likes to visit a Dentist, we reserve a reasonable amount of time for each patient in order to allow us enough time to listen to the patient and accordingly decide for appropriate treatment plans with conservation in least number of visits. In order to achieve this, we do not schedule large numbers of patients in each day.

Our Commitment

Doctor Monther Numan Clinic uses quality dental materials, supplies, and superior laboratories in order to last long in service, providing that patient follow our recommended schedules, check-up appointments and preventive instructions of co

ntinuing care with us, not with others.

Infection Prevention and Control Measures

At Dr. Monther Numan Dental Clinic, we are precise in hygienic standards at the high level. Dr. Monther Numan Dental Clinic constantly provides safe and clean environment for our clients. We impose Ministry of Health and NHRA’s sterilization processes that are based on established scientific principles, healthcare facilities cleanliness standards and sterilization techniques.


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