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For many years the Al Mannai family has been associated with trade and merchandising in Bahrain. Universal Enterprises was founded by Mr. Mohammed A. Al Mannai in 1972 as a modest general trading establishment set up to make use of their experience and to help the quickly developing consumer and business markets of Bahrain. From its very inception Universal Enterprises placed emphasis on quality and service leading to a reputation among its customers of providing “Satisfaction Guaranteed”. As one of the early established companies Universal Enterprises kept a close pulse of the needs of the consumers, the growing trends of the market and diversified accordingly into many businesses; none the less remaining true to the traditional business values of respect, ethics and fair-play at its core.

Each Division is a separate entity with its own team of Management, Sales and Service. Universal Enterprises is seen as a large conglomerate with internationally renowned agencies, modern storage facilities and teams of professionals all working towards the corporate objectives of providing quality and service. It is this combination of modernity with tradition, cutting edge innovation with the human touch and high standards with local know-how that puts the enterprises among the elite establishments on Bahrain.


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